Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowtorious!

Old Man Winter is pissed!  Obviously, someone has done something to make him freeze everyone to
death, close schools (OMG!), and snow folks "in" here in the mountains for days on end!  
Cabin Fever is hitting everybody and the driveway and road to your house is covered?  
Well, sad to say, but we still have more winter weather ahead of us folks.  
Tired of waiting for the thaw?  Shoveling is hard work!   Heart attack special?  No thanks!

Why not be better prepared this year?  Do you have a four wheeler or maybe a Ranger already?  
How about a snow plow for it?  We have them and have not had an unhappy camper after a purchase of a snow plow, yet.  We have them for just about every kind of ATV or UTV that we sell or on the market!  Check out our online catalogs and see for yourself, or call Keith in the morning at the Jackson YPK (606-666-5333) and he can fill you in on all of your options.
Now, if you do not already have an ATV, or UTV (side by side) of some sort, 
then do I have a deal for you.......
Stop on by and check out our Promotions on almost everything Polaris in the store, awesome deals on Kawasaki and Yamaha too!  We are particularly crazy about the 2014 Polaris Ranger XP 900 in Limited Edition White Lightning (see below!)!  We think the addition of a Polaris Glacier Pro Ranger Plow System makes it the perfect winter beast!  Watch the plow in action on our homepage!

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