Thursday, February 21, 2013

GEM Cars in our Hazard Store

Have you had a chance to check out our new product GEM Cars?  GEM stands for Global Electric Motorcars.  GEM Cars are the perfect neighborhood and business vehicle.  These little cars are a definite step up from a golf cart in function, style, safety, and speed.  We are really enjoying getting to know the product at our Hazard store. 

We have a few different styles in stock and can order any style available.  Some of the guys at the store have been giving them a good trial, taking them around the property for quick little jobs.  They are becoming very fond of the fun little machines and we think you will too.  

The e2 model is great for moving easily through neighborhoods or around a school campus perhaps.  We have the e2 in stock in Hazard and would love to show you all of its features. 
We also have bigger GEM cars that can handle more people or even a cargo load.  Some of the bigger GEM cars, such as the eL XD can handle up to a 1,100 pound load! 

GEM cars are tough and strong and are quickly growing in popularity.  We are happy to bring these mighty minis to the mountains and put them to their test.  Stop by our Hazard YPK store this afternoon and see why we are liking these little beasts so much. 

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