Friday, November 2, 2012


     As you may already know, YPK is opening a new store in Hazard before the end of this year.  We will sell all of the usual Polaris vehicles, as well as GEM and Victory products!  For those not familiar with GEM vehicles, they are Global Electric Motorcars.   Here is a link to the Polaris site so you can become more familiar with GEM cars before we open.  GEM cars are great for neighborhood areas and we have a lot of folks interested in them, so we are bringing them to the mountains. 
     YPK in Hazard will also be selling Victory Motorcycles.  Victory is Polaris' line of motorcycles and we have been asked for years to carry them at our Jackson location.  There are some die hard Victory fans already in the mountains and we know there will be more to come.  Victory makes a great bike, at great prices, and a great ride.  Here is a link to check those out as well. 
     We are excited to open the new YPK Motorsports of Hazard store and look forward to meeting new customers and growing those friendships.  If you are looking for a new exciting job opportunity, be sure to check out our website for more information.  Our website is      

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