Monday, May 21, 2012

Q and question we hear.

     YPK Motorsports sells "side by sides", UTVs or whatever you like to call them in your neck of the woods.  We sell them, we use them ourselves at home, we LOVE them!  At least once a week we hear this all too familiar question in the store:  "We just bought our first Side-by-Side. What are the guidelines for driving with a passenger?"  A very good and important question.  We thought it would be a great topic for the blog!  Our response is straight from the owner's manual of a Polaris RZR, but applies to all side by side UTV's and riders.      
-Make sure the passenger is at least 12 years old and is tall enough to comfortably and safely sit in the passenger seat with the seat belt secured, put both feet on the floor and grasp the hand holds.
-Make sure the passenger is wearing appropriate riding gear, including an approved helmet and eye protection.
-Make sure the passenger secures the seat belt.
-Make sure all cab nets and side guards are properly secured.
-Vehicle handling may change with a passenger and/or cargo on board. Allow more time and distance for braking.
For further information on driving with a passenger, see the owner's manual for your vehicle.
We are all for families enjoying off road riding together, just be sure you are riding safely, especially when kids are involved.  We sell lots of safety gear for you and your UTV, ATV, and off road vehicle in our store.  (You can take a look here at some of our catalogs.)  A properly fitted helmet and protective eye wear are available in youth and adult sizes in our store.  We also encourage you to take a safety class if you still have any concerns.  The machines we sell are sure your family knows how to use them properly and everyone will have a great time! 

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