Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Riding in the HEAT!!

Hallelujah! Summer has finally arrived in Kentucky!!

At YPK Motorsports, we are so happy to have the warm sunshine and great weather return. We love to get out and ride and we know you do too. There are a few things to remember when you ride in the heat and sunshine. Unfortunately, you can easily dehydrate or overheat if you are riding for long periods of time in hot weather. We want to offer you a few tips to prevent anything like a heat stroke or illness that could occur with the rising temperatures.

Tip #1: Some street bike riders may already know a great secret to keep cool during summer riding, but some may not. It may seem that it would be more comfortable to ride without your jacket when it is hot out, but it actually isn't....if you know the special trick. If you soak down your shirt with water before you button up your coat, the wind will actually act as an air conditioner and cool you off rapidly while in motion! This method actually offers a cooler ride than if you weren't wearing a coat at all! If you soak your shirt, your body is able to more easily disperse its heat. Be sure to have your coat loosened as much as possible (using buttons instead of zippers, if possible) so that air circulates creating a cooling system on your body as you roll on down the highway! A mesh protective jacket also aids in the cooling effect. We at YPK personally like the Icon Men's Arc Mesh jacket for its protective factors as well as its breath-ability. Stopping to re-wet your shirt every 30 minutes or so in extreme heat will keep you cool and safe.

Tip #2: Wear light colors. This includes your brain bucket! A light colored, full face helmet with a closed visor is actually cooler than an open one while on the move. Be sure to pick one with a full face sun visor and lots of ventilation areas. We like the AFX FX-100 Sun Shield Helmet. It comes in white and has lots of venting for a cooler head! Wetting your skull cap before putting on your helmet helps too!

Tip #3: Prevent Sunburn! Remember that you can still burn through lightweight fabrics. Be sure to wear a high SPF sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Also, always pay attention to the areas often forgotten: between sleeves and gloves, back of the neck, throat areas, and if you have your jacket open...the v-neck area.

Tip # 4: WATER!! Drink it, as well as wear it! Be sure you are drinking water throughout your day of riding to prevent dehydration! We suggest a bag type water dispenser, such as the Thor Hydrant Hydration Pack. This will let you drink while on the move! If you decide to carry water bottles, be sure to stop about every half hour to rehydrate.

YPK Motorsports wants you to have a safe and super summer of riding. Be sure to always wear your helmet and stay cool.

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