Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to Winterize Your Offroad Vehicle

Wow, how quickly time is flying by! The leaves are gone and it is November already! The weather is turning cold, fast! With those cooler temps, comes time for some preparation for winter for your offroad vehicles if you are planning on storing them until Spring.

YPK has come up with an easy list of 7 steps
for you to easily
winterize your ATV or offroad vehicle.

Step 1: Fill gas tank. Be sure to include a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from breaking down and causing damage to the fuel lines and various other areas of your ATV.

Step 2: Change the oil. This helps prevent corrosion on the metal surfaces of your ATV. This helps keep everything clean and properly lubed.

Step 3: Lube your throttle and clutch cables to help them stay in good working condition.

Step 4: Battery: Ideally you want to leave your battery in the vehicle with a "trickle charger" or battery tender attached when you plan to store for the winter, since it gradually loses charge over time. A trickle charger (or battery tender) is a smart charger that basically turns itself on and off as needed to prevent overcharging. Be sure to take time to clean the posts on your battery before connecting to the charger. Add a bit of grease to the threads of the bolts to keep them clean all season.

Step 5: Tires: Inflate to their ideal level to decrease the chance of getting flat spots on your tires. Move the ATV several times a month and parking on a different section of the tires every time helps prevent flat spots. To prevent dry rot on your tires, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight over the storage time.

Step 6: Give your ATV a bath. Be sure to remove any grease or bugs on the paint or chromed areas. There are products available to protect the finish of the paint and chrome of your vehicle at the store.

Step 7: Store your vehicle inside a garage if at all possible. If storage outside is necessary, be sure to invest in a good fitting, breathable cover and check on the vehicle periodically to be sure the cover is protecting your investment.

YPK has all the products you may need to perform this service at home. If you need any supplies, accessories, or parts for this job, stop by the store and pick up what you will need before you start. Or let YPK do the job for you in our service department. Our service technicians can easily perform the services needed to winterize your vehicle, as well as perform routine maintenance and safety checks while we have your vehicle in the shop. By winterizing your vehicle properly, you are protecting your investment and will prevent problems in the Spring when it is time to ride again. Come visit our website at

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